Welcome to our new website!

Tasmanian membersThanks for visiting the new website of the Tasmanian congregations of Grace Communion International.

We are a church with a more than intriguing and inspiring past, and peace and grace filled present community, and we are looking forward to future full of hope.

We have congregations in Launceston, Devonport and Hobart, each of which would welcome you warmly if you chose to visit one of their church services or other activities. We plan to build a homepage for each congregation, and we will provide links to each from this site when they are up and running.

Our aim is to grow each day to be more who God has created us to be, as congregations and as individuals; and to be of whatever service we can to you in the same endeavor.

We believe Christianity has too often earned itself a bad rap for being judgmental and holier than thou, making God out to be a hard task master, and Christianity into a religion instead of a joyful experience of grace and loving communion among all people [which our name, Grace Communion International stands for].

Please do not hesitate to contact us if are looking for a place to belong, and be part of a warm, accepting and caring community.  We aren’t here to judge or to change you, just to care and support you in what ever way we can.

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